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Cappadocia Dress (Temporary Closed)

We are proud to be the first and, to this day, the largest dress rental service in Cappadocia. Our original vision for the store was to provide unique outfits and dresses primarily for photo shoots, focusing on creating distinctive looks for our clients rather than pursuing business objectives. We place great value on each customer, striving to offer personalized attention and not just aiming to serve the maximum number of clients. This approach means we cater to a limited number of people each day, ensuring quality over quantity in our services.

Rental Stages

1. Appointment

Trying on outfits is by prior request only. There are no fixed walk-in hours. Please make an appointment  with our dress manager at least the day before fitting for fixed day and time.

Why is it by appointment only? 

The system helps streamline all fittings without long waits and queues.  Each client gets own 40 minutes of fitting.  Sometimes there is 1 person at the fitting, but also there can be groups of 2 up to 10 for whom more time is laid (with the same calculation – 40 minutes per person). Arriving at the wrong time, you run the risk of getting to someone else’s fitting and wasting your time waiting.  There are many daytime and evening activities for tourists in Cappadocia.  Each tourist is always in a hurry for his scheduled activity, so timing is very important. We can spend longer time for fitting if there is no any appointment after.  During hot season (May-September) it’s just impossible. 

2. Fitting Process

You can schedule a 40 minutes session to try up to 3 dresses for free. For the next each dress there is an extra fee – 5 EUR per dress. 

Why is there an additional fee?

Additional payment for fitting is taken to keep the outfits in a clean condition.  Each client comes to the fitting with makeup, applies antiperspirants, body lotions, shimmers, highlighters, foundations.  All this leaves stains on the dresses (even sweat ) Often the outfit goes to the laundry or dry cleaning after the fitting stage, without being rented.  I think you understand that this is a lost opportunity for the next client to try on this dress, as well as additional costs for the agency.  Also, after trying on certain outfits, especially with long trains, repeated ironing is required, which is also a waste of time and money.  Thanks for understanding!

3. Payment

  • Payment acceptable by cash in such currencies as (TL, Doll, EUR). Or by bank transfer (to company IBAN number).
  • PayPal, Venmo and other international applications don’t work due to Turkish government restriction. 
  • No prepayment! 
  • Payment is only after fitting when you tried and agreed your choice. 
  • Security deposit acceptable only by cash (prepare it before, however ATM machines are not far from store (7 min walk).
  • With payment process you sign the agreement which claim that during rental period you are responsible for the item, you examined it personally and aware about its conditions. Also you get rental voucher where will be written 2 amounts: rental prise and security deposit which is returnable amount. Please keep voucher till the end to get deposit back. When you bring dress after rent we give full deposit back.
What is security deposit?

This amount of money is returnable and guarantees the return of the dress by client. Also it’s an insurance to cover minor damages that is repairable if it occur (For example: stains, scratches, rips, zipper issues, lost pieces (buttons, belts, accessories)). Dirt and mud we don’t consider as stains because in outdoor conditions here it’s impossible to return clean dress. 

Security deposit is NOT the dress retail price! 

This amount of money is returnable and guarantees the return of the dress

Security deposit table

Dress RentalSecurity Deposit
< 50 eur50 eur
50-100 eur100 eur
> 100 eur150 eur

4. Pick up / Drop off

You have an option to pick up/drop off the dress in store by yourself or to order dress delivery to/from hotel. 

Dress delivery is payable option, price will varies from the distance to your hotel. 

Cappadocia is huge region, the most popular touristic villages/towns are Goreme, Uchisar, Ortahisar, Cavusin, Avanos, Urgup and Mustafapasa.

Our store is located in Goreme village so to clarify delivery price exactly to your location please contact dress manager. 


Pricy policy

General rental price varies from 20 up to 150 eur depending on the dress style, it’s term of use. We have many items at a variety of price  points to fit different budgets. At the store prices are written on each dress hanger. 

To learn prices of dresses you like please contact dress manager. 

Rental price catalogue is in process. 

Lost / Stolen / Damage Items

In case of damages we can cut deposit amount to cover expenses for repairs (this amount will be determined by agency manager, it can start from 5 EUR charge till the full deposit amount, depends from the case)

If the dress is lost / stolen during rental period or returned damaged beyond repair customer will be charged for the dress replacement (minus deposit you have already made) 

In assessing the replaceable value we take into account the demand of that dress, the availability to purchase same dress, the condition of the dress and the deposit amount customer has already made. 


dress rental price is 30 eur 

security deposit is 50 eur 

Replacement dress value is 250 eur

250 -50 deposit =200 eur (extra amount you will need to pay) 

Why we don’t recommend to reserve dress in advance?

Pre-booking requires a bank deposit (full rental amount for 1 day)

Its not returnable in case if you will cancel your reservation or move to another date. 

  1. Perhaps the dress won’t fit the size. 
  2. Perhaps you will like another dress more. 
  3. Perhaps previously booked dress from the photo will disappoint you in reality.
  4. Weather conditions. Can happen cloudy/windy/rainy weather. You can decide cancel shooting or move to another date. 
  5. You can miss airplane, or it will be late. 
  6. You can get sick etc.

There are many reasons to happen therefore we don’t want you spend money for nothing. 

If you still want prebook dress for your shooting date please contact dress manager for bank transfer information.



Bonuses when ordering a shooting with us:

  1. No fitting time limit 
  2. No additional fee for fitting more than 3 dresses
  3. No security deposit needed 
  4. Possibility to make pre reservation of dress for free
  5. Possibility of early fitting before sunrise shooting (4-5 am) (in case if your arrive late evening or at night)
  6. 1 dress up to 30 eur rent for free (upon art shooting booking) 
  7. 30% discount for dresses over 30 eur rent (upon art shooting booking)
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