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I’m Sergey Yemelin, a Ukrainian photo-artist known as “Yemelin ART” You might have come across my work, deeply influenced by my passion for vibrant, fairy-tale-like imagery from Cappadocia. My pursuit of perfection attracts clients seeking the most exceptional photo sessions of their lives. I cherish this trust immensely and continually aim to surpass expectations.


I hail from a quaint town called Oleksandriya, nestled in the heart of Ukraine. Drawing was my passion from a young age. In 2002, when I was just 16, I stumbled upon Photoshop. This discovery turned into more than a mere pastime; it evolved into my primary source of livelihood. Following my high school graduation, where I was part of the art program, I pursued dual degrees in Economics and Art & Design at the university. In my sophomore year, I opted for distance learning to fulfill my duty in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Post my military stint, I resumed full-time studies and earned two degrees. Post-university, I explored various Ukrainian cities, carving a niche as a designer and art director. Eventually, I ventured into Turkey, setting up my agency.

However, my journey doesn’t end here. My enterprise in Cappadocia continues to thrive, a living symbol of my artistic and entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, my heart and mind are open to new horizons. I am actively seeking opportunities to expand my creative journey in other cities or even across countries.


Money and wealth were never the end goals of my life, but rather something far more valuable. As a photo artist, my role is to serve as a bridge between the world’s beauty and human perception, bringing souls to life through art. Thus, I work for a currency far more precious – the joy and gratitude of my clients, and in this, I have found a degree of success. That’s why I always endeavor to give my all. It’s what infuses my life with purpose and meaning.

Throughout my life’s journey, I embrace vegetarianism not merely as a dietary path but as a testament to my profound reverence for all life forms. This ethos is my beacon, guiding me to protect animal lives and to live with authentic empathy, devoid of duplicity. The quest for self-realization and the pursuit of life’s deeper meanings are my guiding stars. I believe that the true essence of existence is not in the destination but in the odyssey of self-discovery. In every endeavor, my ethos is to invest my heart and soul wholly. For anything less than complete devotion and fervor in what we do renders the pursuit meaningless

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