Cappadocia Photographer

Simple photography in Cappadocia

This is an option that can be convenient for most tourists. In short, it allows you to capture and memorise your stay in Cappadocia. It is also the most affordable option for commercial photo shoot that we provide.

Timing. Duration

This option can be either morning or evening photosesson. In both cases, the duration of the shooting is at least 2 but not more than 3 hours, but there is a different time when we pick up customers from the hotel. For sunrise photo shoots, with hot air balloons, we usually pick up customers from the hotel 1 hour before dawn, for sunset shooting – 3 hours before sunset.. On the constant question from customers indicate the exact time I want to remind you that the time of sunrise and sunset varies depending on the season. You can just ask Google what time of sunrise or sunset in Cappadocia in a certain month and day of the year.

Locations. Transportation.

All the photoshoots includes transportation. We use a regular comfortable SUV, which can accommodate 5 people, including the photographer, and the simple photoshoot option doesn’t includes assistant. There is no limit of locations. We can travel all over Cappadocia and visit as many locations as we need, but we should consider that we are limited in time. It is also necessary to know t that we are in a hilly area, with narrow country roads, and travel between locations, for example chasing of hot air balloons , is sometimes difficult or takes longer than expected. But on average, in the allotted 2-3 hours of time we visit from 4 to 8 locations.

Ready Images

Simple editing of your photos means some cleaning from the noise and garbage on the photos, some color-correction and color grading. This work can be done in Lightroom and Capture One. Work in these professional software has no possibility to replace large objects, professional detailed retouch or work with layers, like adding hot air balloons or something similar. For more creative processing we offer another option of photo session.

There are some examples before and after color correction:

But, it is always worth considering the fact that in outdoors photography, much depends on the weather, and in the example of the morning photos in Cappadocia hot air balloons can be too far away and visible only as dots on the horizon. Therefore, the result of simple photo shoots largely depends on our luck.

Photosession cost

We charge for this photography option 300 euro. Payment can be done by direct bank transfer or cash only after a successful photo shoot in euro, US dollars or Turkish lira at the current rate on the date of the photo session. Unfortunately we can’t accept payments via PayPal, Venom etc due the restrictions of the Turkish government. Also we don’t charge any deposit for shooting in advance, for convenience of client who can cancel their reservation anytime, and because we can’t refund full amount in case of shooting cancellation, for example due the weather conditions, because we have to pay taxes from the all our incomes. This price also includes all the photoshoot permissions and other expenses, except traveller’s insurance.

Features for groups.

If you have a friend, you are couple, or family up to 3 people – the price of photoshoot does not change. It is advantageous if you order photoshoot with a friend – you can share the total cost of the photo session, but the number of processed photos will also be shared. But it’s worth bearing in mind that the fewer people I photograph in my allotted time, I can focus more on the particular person, which means that the result will be somewhat better.

I do not work with groups of more than 4 people if it is not professional models with experience. Large number of people always has a negative impact on the end result of the photos, and I am not interested in doing work that I will not like myself. At best I can offer to divide the group into 2-3 people, and make shootings on different days. But unfortunately, the cost will be proportional to the number of photo shoots.

Let’s summarise:

This option includes only transportation, photo shooting service and simple editing, and it is not includes extra services like assistant’s help, dresses etc but can be added for extra price.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Transportation includes 4-8 locations.
  • 20-40 edited images with color-correction and colour-grading + all raw images can be up to 3000 images copied directly from camera to the client’s storage.
  • Total price 300-350 euro (depends editing) and can be shared between 2-3 people.

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