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Swing Photography in Cappadocia

First you have to know: There is no physical place in Cappadocia where this swing stands. This is currently forbidden by local authorities. This is pretty expensive. But, beautiful images on the swing in the sky with hot air balloons around still possible to make.

The very First Swing shooting in Cappadocia

First swing photoshoot in Cappadocia I did in September 2020. As an artist, I didn’t plan to make a business, and it was a one-time project. I have a friend, a blogger who has a million followers, and we decided to do something new, unique with her that no one else has ever done. The idea was to make a swing in the sky surrounded by hot air balloons. And to do that, with the help of my friend Ali, we found a crane truck who agreed to help us with that.

In my point of view the project was quite successful. Photos became known and spread all over the internet. Everyone was wondering where the swing was, but as I said earlier, I didn’t want to do business on it, and local photographers didn’t even guess how it was done. But the next year, locals learned out from my friend Ali, who didn’t hesitate to share Instagram stories and in 2021 almost all photographers in Cappadocia began to offer tourists photo sessions with swing .

To be honest, I was simply amazed how local photographers offered swing photography sessions at too high a cost. It just became business, and it looked just awful, when on one location could stand at once 3-4 cranes with crane trucks. Therefore, the local authorities, without a long thought prohibited it. I’m not surprised and fully support this decision.

So there are several reasons why It is forbidden. First – simply because it is ugly. Every agency or photographer is responsible for the health of the tourist with whom he has to work or provide services, but there is no insurance company who can insure the tourist in this type of activity. Shortly – if tourist will have accident, the photographer can not only be fined, but also imprisoned, as well as local authorities let it happen and didn’t stop it.

So is it possible to do this now, and if so, how much is it cost?

Generally yes. But:

  • Before the photo shoot with the swing, you must sign a document stating that you are personally responsible for your health in case of an incident.
  • We have to do it anyway early in the morning, but real balloons probably will be very far, so photos will be with photoshopped balloons as you can see on reference images.
  • This is pretty expensive. I charge for shooting with the swing 700 euro. This price includes my art shooting for 500 euro + 200 extra for the crane and organisation. (It is includes transportation, 2-4 hours shooting, editing high quality 15-40 images, taxes and shooting permission from authorities. This is not includes dress, make-up and related services)


This photo shoot with the swing has some features. Usually I don’t charge deposit for shooting and my clients, and they can cancel reservation any time. But, when we order the crane truck for swing, I have to pay the driver anyway. So, usually I order the crane in the evening the day before shooting, to be more sure that clients are still didn’t change their mind and weather will be suitable. And still, I don’t charge deposit for clients comfort, but take a risk on my own.

We don’t lift clients very high and don’t need it. The maximum height on which I raise the crane – about 2 meters(about six feet), but basically enough one or one and a half meters. The rest is a matter of technique and the photographer’s ability to find the right perspective and show the client as if he is high in the sky.

Keep in mind, that locations where we can do a photo shoot with the swing quite far from the hot air balloons area. . It will take us at least 30-40 minutes, and then we will try to go to other locations to make at least a few more photos with real hot air balloons closer. Changing locations takes time because it hilly terrain and narrow roads.

We have several different swings, wooden, metal round one with flowers, rope ladder or we make new or can hang something else.

Before and after editing.

Swipe left and right to see the difference.

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