Cappadocia Photographer

Sunrise shooting workflow


As you probably already know, hot air balloons only fly early in the morning because they need cool air to cool down overnight. So our shooting starts 1 hour until dawn and lasts an average of 2-4 hours. Pick up time depends on the season of the year, since the dawn in spring, summer or winter – at different time. Average one hot air Baloon fly duration 1-1,5 hour. They starts and landing approximately same time. So usually 1 hour after sunrise, we almost don’t have hot air balloons in the sky. We have to fit into this 2 hours. In fact, we are focused on result, not in time that we are going go spend together so I don’t limit on time shooting duration, but just recommend to capture our main photos in the first hour after sunrise. We can continue 2-3 or even more hours, but the photos can’t be as good, as we can do during first hour.


If our goal photos with hot air balloons, then we never know in advance what locations will be. This is because the balloons follow the wind direction and these directions can change several times within an hour. On average, in 1 hour we visit 2-3 locations, so for a photo session lasting 2-3 hours we visit 5-10 locations. We have to race. After the balloons landing, if we have time we can continue shooting in other locations that we choose ourselves. And again, our goal is a good photos, but not amount of locations. Changing locations around Cappadocia costs almost nothing for us, may be 2-3$ for gasoline, and we are not interested on earning every coin from travellers as others do.


Posing. If we shoot models who are used to posing and know how to look more advantageous in photographs – we will adapt to their style and poses, if you have no experience in modelling, me and my assistants will help along the way. Important. I advise you not to rely even on the experience of a professional photographer, but I highly recommend you at least prepare a little for the photo shoot yourself. What is required for this? One of the important aspects of good posing

is “seeing”. Look as many photos of people’s poses as you can and try to memorize them. Posing, it is not the physical posture of the body but the emotion with which a person poses. Pose of body must begin in your mind. Changing outfits. In the process of shooting, we can also

change a looks. We have a special portable tent for that. This allows us to diversify our photo session. You can change as many outfits as you want. From our shooting experience especially in Cappadocia, we are changing outfits or in the car, on in some hidden places. Its less comfortable, but avoid of wasting our golden time in the morning or evening.


During 1 hour shooting we have about 800-1200 raw images. So during a session of 2-3 hours we will have about 1.5 – 4 thousand raw photos. In fact, I don’t limit in amount of photos. We do as many, as you wish. Same time we can capture some videos as well. If needed we can do drone photo/video. This photo shoot option includes the editing of 15-20 with color grading and I am able to give you all raw images on USB stick (only jpegs up to 32GB) or raw images in CR3 format to your HDD or Laptop (Can be about 100-300Gb in total). Also most popular option now – we can transfer the previews (photos in phone or laptop resolution, directly from cameras to your smartphones, where you can choose the best photos you like, and send us number of images for editing. It will take 3-6gb space in your phone). The processing in this shooting package does includes only several images with deep retouching, photoshop manipulation, frequency separation and other technics.

TERMS: From 1 week up to 1 month usually. In case of birthday or something, I can do editing for 1-2 images during 1-3 days after shooting.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to choose photos for editing, please send us as soon as possible the numbers. As longer you are keeping them, editing will be more time up to several month. Why? Because I have many clients, and if many people keeps a long time photos for editing, I have to shift many others photos for editing for later. So some clients in this case can wait for 1-3 month edited images just because I physically can’t edit hundreds of photos in several days or weeks.

Sum up

  1. We do shooting during 2-3 hours until we will get result we like.
  2. We are going to visit unlimited locations during the allotted time.
  3. You will get about 2-4 thousand raw images and 15-30 edited (in some cases up to 100 edited if need just filters as other photogarphers in cappdaocia do).
  4. We can do video/drone/360 in case you need it. Its can be included price, but sometimes we just physically don’t have time to set up all equipment when we are in rush because of balloons and good natural light.
  5. At one week up to one month you will get edited images.
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